Top Cell Phone Companies in Canada
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Top Cell Phone Companies in Canada

Top Cell Phone Companies

The following are some of the main cell phone companies throughout Canada:

  1. Virgin Mobile
  2. Bell
  3. Mobilicity
  4. Fido
  5. Wind
  6. Koodo
  7. Public Mobile
  8. Telus
  9. Rogers
  10. Chatr

Plan providers change offers frequently.  Research before you make a decision.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Will you be making long distance calls?
  2. Do you need voicemail (recommended when you are looking for employment)
  3. Will you be travelling outside of the city/province you’re living in?
  4. Data usage
  5. MMS sending/receiving


You can compare plans and phones here:


Here are some plan examples:

Virgin Mobile