Public Transport in Vancouver - ICAN
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Public Transport in Vancouver

Getting around Vancouver

Vancouver has a great public transport system. We’ve put together a quick guide of how to start using your new city’s public transport to make it easier for you.

How to Ride on Translink transport

Translink runs a network of buses, sky trains, sea buses and west coast express.

First, you will need to PURCHASE a Compass card:

Buy Compass card for $6 from any of the following:

You can top up your compass card:

  • At compass vending machine at any sky train station, paying by cash, debit or credit card
  • Online

You can top up with a certain amount $ or buy a monthly pass

You can also purchase a single use/return tickets at the fare vending machines at the sky train station, paying in cash, debit, or credit card.

You can check your balance by phone, online or at a station compass vending machine.

Once you have your COMPASS card, ensure you tap on and off when you use the sky train, sea bus, and on buses you only need to tap on. Once you tap on the first time you will have 90 minutes travel across the buses, sky trains and sea buses and only be charged for one trip.

Translink fares

Translink schedules and maps