Networking in Canada - ICAN
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Networking in Canada

Networking: the MOST important aspect of your job search process.

Networking will be one of the most significant things you do to gain employment in Canada, but what is it and how do you it?  Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Open a Linked-In Profile.
  • Attend Irish community events–tell people the kind of job you are interested in.
  • Go for Coffee: Irish who have come here before you want to help. Offer to take someone out for coffee or better still ask if you can bring coffee to their office to pick their brain for 15 minutes.  Keep the time circumscribed so that the individual knows you are asking for just a fraction their time.  Ask questions—don’t ask for a job. Ask specific questions about your shared sector, ask for opinions on your resume, ask about upcoming networking events.  How do you find Irish in your city in your sector?  Linked-In!
  • Join a ‘Meet-Up’ in your sector. Ex: Accounting Meetups of Toronto, Engineers without Borders Vancouver.  At these events you will meet people in your field. They may know of companies that are hiring (don’t discount the invisible/internal job market).