Move to Canada
Our resources provide information about permanent residency visas, employment, accommodation, connecting with the Irish community and local organizations.
Move to Canada, new migrants to Canada, find a new home, arrival to Canada, Irish Canadian Organisations.
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Move to Canada

Making the move to Canada from Ireland is a big decision. You need some preliminary information on how to immigrate to Canada from Ireland, how to find a home here, how to get a job, what work permits are available, Irish Canadian organizations that can help you settle in Canada, and more. Visit our Essential Guides page for in-depth information about your move from Ireland to Canada.


Get here

Information on Work Permits, Permanent Residency, Inadmissibility, Settlement Info and Employment.

Find a home

Information on finding a home throughout Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Montreal and St. John’s NL.

Get a job

Information on employment throughout Canada.

Feel at home

Information on Irish Canadian Organizations.


Information to help you with Permanent Residency.