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Mental Health Resources | WELL-BEING



Looking after our well-being is extremely important for our overall health. To look after your well-being, you could do up a self care plan, think of different exercises that you find beneficial, book in some appointments for your well-being – counselling, acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage etc. (remember if you have health benefits from work you may be able to expense some of the cost of these appointments). Spending time with people and building connections with people can also be a way of looking after your well-being. Click on the links below to find some ways of meeting people in the area of Canada you have moved to:


  • Follow I/CAN on Facebook and Instagram and you will see “Feel at home Friday” posts, where information and links are shared on groups, organizations, events etc. across Canada that may make you feel more at home.


  • type in the location you are in and the type of group you are looking for; hiking, board games, yoga etc. and you will find a group with people of similar interests.


  • Search for community/recreation centres in the province or territory you are living in. They may have a gym, pool, ice rink etc, and a range of affordable classes/short term courses you can sign up to. This could be great for your well-being and a way to make new friends in your community.                          Recreation centres Toronto                                  Community centres Vancouver