Mental Health Resources - ICAN
At I/CAN we are proud to offer mental health services, sharing information with you on how to access a variety of healthcare services in Canada.
Mental Health Services
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Mental Health Resources

Things can be overwhelming for new immigrants when they first arrive in Canada, or even for those here for many years. We can assist by providing information on and signposting to general health, mental health, and well-being services and supports. We also offer in person events*, webinars, podcasts, and social media outreach – supporting immigrants from across the island of Ireland, to find the information they need to get help, cope better, and feel well.

*All of our services are national across Canada – in person newcomer events take place regularly in Vancouver and Toronto. See here for information on when the next event is taking place.


Feel welcome to reach out

Social Care Advisor, available to you from anywhere in Canada:

Gillian Goulding


If you get our voicemail, please do leave a message. We will send you a text message to see if you are free for a call back.

All of I/CAN’s services are free and confidential.

Welcome message from I/CAN’s Social Care Advisorwatch here



We recognize everyone has individual needs – a service that could be suitable for your friend, may not be the best service for you! If you have any questions about the services listed below or would like support in finding information on any other services not listed, please contact I/CAN’s Social Care Advisor.



Social Care Program made possible by funding from the St. Patrick’s Benevolent Society of Toronto

In a spirit of compassion, the St. Patrick’s Benevolent Society was established in 1836 to help needy Irish immigrants in Toronto.  Over 180 years later, though the nature of the needs has changed, the Society’s interest in supporting newly arrived Irish remains steadfast.  Such gestures of human kindness are a most important part of our collective history, illustrating the immeasurable value of benevolent works.