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Contact I/CAN at 1-877-603-9549. Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns about immigrating to Canada from Ireland. We're here to help!
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Get in touch

We are pleased to provide services across Canada with employees in Toronto and Vancouver.  The time of day at which you receive a response will be dependent upon the time-zone in which each employee works.  Standard response time: 1-2 business days.

Head Office
44 Victoria Street
16th Floor, Suite 1620
Toronto, ON M5C 1Y2

Phone, email or zoom:

Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm

In person appointments available:

Tuesday to Thursday 10am – 4pm

*I/CAN does not provide emergency services.  Calls and emails will be answered during office hours.


Eastern Standard Time

*Need to call FREE from Ireland?  Email us and we will call you!


Executive Director, Cathy Murphy

Administrative Assistant, Michelle Perry

Social Care Advisor, Gillian Goulding
Pacific Time

Career Resources Advisor, Rhonda McDowell