Auto Insurance
Getting auto insurance in Canada with Irish driving experience
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Auto Insurance

Driving experience in Ireland is generally not recognized in Canada, although some insurance companies may be willing to allocate a driving credit.

Key points:

  1. Obtain written proof of your driving record in Ireland.
  2. If purchasing or leasing an automobile in Canada, check the insurance rates for each type of automobile. Rates vary dramatically for different types of cars. Honda’s are more expensive to insure because they are the #1 for theft.
  3. If you purchase or lease through a dealer, ask the dealer if s/he can refer an insurance agent who will be willing to seek a low insurance rate with a reputable company. Many dealers have friends in the insurance industry that will help the dealer close a sale.
  4. Check with other new arrivals to see where they might have obtained a good deal.
  5. Always apply to an insurance broker in person – how you look (IE: professional) may influence their decision to help you find a lower rate.
  6. Shop around–rates can vary from one broker to another