Move to Canada
Our moving to Canada resources will help with visas, employment, accommodation, connecting with the Irish community and local organizations.
Move to Canada, new migrants to Canada, find a new home, arrival to Canada, Irish Canadian Organisations.
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Move to Canada

Making the move to Canada is a big decision.  We offer lots of information about getting to Canada, finding a new home, feeling at home in Canada, getting a job upon arrival and finding Irish-Canadian organizations to help you settle in your new home.  Be sure to visit our Essential Guides page for critical information regarding your move.

Get here

Information on Work Permits, Permanent Residency, Inadmissibility, Settlement Info and Employment.

Find a home

Information on finding a home throughout Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Montreal and St. John’s NL.

Get a job

Information on employment throughout Canada.

Feel at home

Information on Irish Canadian Organizations.


Information to help you with Permanent Residency.