Mental Health Resources
At I/CAN we are proud to offer mental health services, sharing information with you on how to access a variety of healthcare services in Canada.
Mental Health Services
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Mental Health Resources

As a new immigrant, things can be overwhelming. We share how to access health and well-being information, including mental health services across Canada.  We also offer webinars and podcasts on coping, getting help, and feeling well. 

If you need any of these services, please reach out to our trusted Social Care Advisors below.

You can also join us on Facebook, to receive our Monday Morning Mental Health Awareness posts and to be sure you do not miss any more webinars or events like these.

Please feel welcome to reach out:

National Social Care Advisor (Toronto and across Canada):

Mícheál O’Rourke


Vancouver Social Care Advisor (Greater Vancouver area):

Gillian Goulding


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